Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why we chose Bumbleride Strollers for Crocodile Baby

We are very picky about what strollers we sell. Every one of them has to have great maneuverability, great durability, and be backed by great after sales service from the manufacturer. We have just added Bumbleride to our list, with the Indie, the Indie twin and, coming soon, the Speed a lovely jogging specialty stroller. here are several reason why we have chosen this manufacturer:

The Air is Guaranteed.

Bumbleride is the only stroller company that provides a 1 year warranty on the inner tubes and tires on its strollers. This means that if you get a flat tire, you advise the company (we will give you their hotline) and they send you the replacement you need. Now practically, only a few people are going to ask for this and it will cost Bumbleride to provide this service. Therefore, they are providing inner tubes and tires of a higher quality that do not get flat. This is just a common sense thing for them to do. The benefit for the consumer is fewer flat tires and less time spent fixing an expensive stroller.

Green Fabric.

The fabric is made of recycled PET bottles and from bamboo based fabric. Both are ecologically sound things to do. From pop bottles to stroller fabric is worthy of Cradle to Cradle consideration. Using bamboo as a fibre base for fabric is also an ecologically sounder way than using cotton or a petrochemical based fibre.

A Lighter Stroller

The Bumbleride Indie is 25% lighter than its "active stroller" competitors. I know this because I took my trusty Luggage Buddy scale and picked up each of our strollers on display. While my device may be off as to the true weight, the relative weights of strollers is the right way to consider the "How heavy is the stroller?" question.

Made in Taiwan

Bumbleride's factory is in Taiwan, not China. This is not a really big deal but it is nice to know the strollers are made in a smaller, family-owned factory with a real interest in making high quality products.

Getting Even Greener

In early 2016, Bumbleride will launch its new running stroller the "Speed". Coincident with that, all of their strollers will use fabrics that have drastically reduced water consumption during the production process while improving the colour fastness. The process creates an 84% energy savings which results in 67% less CO2 emissions. How is this done? I understand it is due to the process dyeing the thread before it is made into fabric, much like the Crypton process waterproofs Clek seat fabrics. Is this a big deal? To have an idea about the importance of this, you may want to watch “Ju Dou” (Red Sorghum in English) a Chinese movie from 1990 starring the glorious Gong Li. The film won both the Cannes festival and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. You will see the tremendous amount of water that goes into dyeing fabrics and the potential pollution problems that could arise (and you will watch a really good movie).

Safety and Health

The fabrics used in all Bumbleride stroller are Oeko Tex certified, which means they have been tested for 110 toxic substances and none have been found. Other good products with this certification are Baby Bjorn carriers and all Stokke fabrics.

Please drop by any of our stores to see our Bumbleride strollers on display.


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